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Thursday, May 9th @ Perry World House
4 PM | Screening of Toxi-city, a combinatory film by Roderick Coover
5 PM | Opening remarks from PPEH Director Bethany Wiggin
5:15 PM | “All Together Now: The Science, Art, and Culture of Rising Waters”
A public conversation with artist Roderick Coover, scientist Bill Dennison, and humanist Rachel Price about how, in this time of global anthropogenic environmental disruption,  we can apprehend water.  What collaborative communities do we need?                       
6:30 PM | Reception

Friday, May 10 @ Wolf Humanities Center
8:30 AM | Breakfast
8:45 AM | Philadelphia Waters with Peter DeCarlo, Byron Sherwood, and Bethany Wiggin
10 AM | Shuttle to Embodied Scientist Parkour!
10:15 | Parkour! Course begins at Gray’s Crescent
12:15 PM | Lunch (supplied for presenters)
1:15 PM | Shuttle pick-up
1:45 PM | Mid-Atlantic Waters with Sahar Hosseini, McKay Jenkins, and Nicki Pombier Berger
3:15 PM | Coffee Break
3:30 PM | Mississippi River with Scott Knowles, and Shanai Matteson and Boris Oicherman
4:30 PM | Roderick Coover artist talk
5:30 PM | Day one wraps up
6:30 PM | Dinner (speakers only)

Saturday, May 11 @Wolf Humanities Center
9 AM | Coffee
9:30 AM |Rising Waters Philadelphia and Mumbai with Nikhil Anand, Lalitha Kamath, Martin Premoli, Luna Sarti and Anushri Tiwari
10:30 AM | Magdalena River with Diana Bocarejo and Mandur River with Kristina Lyons
11:30 AM | Lagos Lagoon with Charisma Acey and Ben Mendelsohn
12:30 PM | Poster session
1:30 PM | Rising Waters lightning talks
2 PM | The River Severn with Marianna Dudley and Indonesian Waters with Simon Richter and Rachel Thompson
3:30 PM | Coffee break and Embodied Scientist talk-back
4 PM | Cultivating waters across cultures with Elaine Gan
4:30 PM | Sink Float, Spill Flow: concluding conversation
5:30 PM | Day two wraps up

Header image © Roderick Coover